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[fires thousands of rifles into the air] merry christmas and/or birthday and also free dinner at chili’s


No son, I don’t want to hear your “epic mindfuck” about how the entire sport of baseball is the dream of some comatose dad in Wisconsin. Please, I just want to watch the game.

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                                            “Remember this?”
Art by:Kn


                                            “Remember this?”

Art by:Kn

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Are You In A Jorge Luis Borges Story?



You may be a man, but then again you may be a mathematical thought experiment; it’s difficult to tell.

wait they all are amazing

  • You are in a library that may not exist. You are having a terrible time.
  • It is unclear whether you have been writing the story, or the story has been writing you.
  • You visit the south of Argentina, where something terrible happens to you.
  • You are standing inside a sphere. Its center is everywhere and its circumference is nowhere. You are terrified.
  • Everyone around you is being murdered in a perfect Kabbalistic pattern.
  • A Scottish man sells you a book that ruins your life.
  • A red-haired woman tells you that you have always been a dead man.
  • You are lost in the desert. Your map is the desert itself.
  • You may have committed a murder. You’re not sure.
  • Everywhere you look, you see a sinister equilateral triangle.
  • A train conductor is rude to you, who was once a king in Babylon.
  • You are dreaming. You have never existed. You are being born. You are a thinly veiled version of Borges himself, and you have been dying for a thousand years.
  • A gaucho with a knife is laughing at you. There is blood on your saddle, but you have been in a hospital for the last four days. There is no saddle. Now it is you who is holding the knife, and no one is laughing.
  • You are standing in the middle of an empty city that is also the corpse of a tiger. There is one company in the entire world, and it does not exist, but it is watching you.
  • You may be a man, but then again you may be a mathematical thought experiment; it’s difficult to tell.
  • You die in a labyrinth.

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having a baby just to lose it at a state fair